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Adrienne Garland

She Leads Media

Founder: Adrienne Garland

   I’m extremely grateful for the investment in She Leads Media by 30 SECOND PITCH™. We’re now able to hire the help we need to take our flagship Pitch the Media event, as well as our annual She Leads conference to other cities around the country. Our mission is to help women to launch and profitably grow businesses to stimulate the economy at large, and to help them to get their voices, thoughts and perspectives into the media and the world. 30 SECOND PITCH™ is directly helping She Leads to make our mission a reality.   

Amount Invested: $50,000

Debra Holstein

The 4:00 Cookie

Founder: Debra Holstein

   I’m excited to work with Joe and his team on The 4:00 Cookie. I know the product line has much potential, but after a number of starts-and-stops on my own, I definitely need their enthusiasm, expertise and diligence to reach it!   

Amount Invested: $100K+

Julie Christoffersen

2 Dive 4

Founder: Julie Christoffersen

   30 Second Pitch™ has been a dream come true. After reviewing my business plan, financial analysis, and talking with me extensively, Joe gave me the good news that he would fund my project. With Joe's funding I was able to continue building out my space. His professional expertise and guidance is just as valuable to me as the funding. Looking forward to a long partnership.   

Amount Invested: $4,000+

Marilyn Huberman Goldberg

Museum Masters

Founder: Marilyn Huberman Goldberg

   I had a great idea, but didn’t have the financing to get the business off the ground. Thankfully Joe Sprung and his team helped me get started. I used the money to purchase image rights from Marina Picasso (grandaughter of Pablo Picasso), Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Tamara de Lempika, and Salvador Dali and to file the trademarks for all of them. The rest is history.   

Amount Invested: $500,000

Daniel Weinstock and Kenny Hamlet


Founders: Daniel Weinstock and Kenny Hamlet

   Joe and his team came through for us at a critical time for our company. Their investment, and the speed in which it was closed, was a major factor in doubling our revenue in under 12 months. Post-funding, Joe has continued to be a trusted adviser to our management team and has provided support in many areas including sales and vendor leads, financial analysis and staffing.   

Amount Invested: $600,000

Mike Christodoulou and Andrea Sorrentino

Five Star Muffler & Affiliates

Founder: Mike Christodoulou and Andrea Sorrentino

   I was a leading salesperson in my industry for over 10 years and didn’t have the financing or organizational skills to start my own company. Joseph Sprung provided both the financing and the guidance. Five Star Muffler became the largest muffler installation equipment distribution company in the country in a very short time. This would never have been possible without the investment and support of Joe Sprung.   

Amount Invested: $2M